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August 30, 2011
Available in: e-Book (reprint)

Tea and Destiny

Treat yourself to some tea and sympathy with this lively tale of family conflict and rekindled love by #1New York Timesbestseller Sherryl Woods!


The credo at Ann Davies’s house was always “room for one more.” But that meant safe, simple kids and kittens, not full-grown men with muscles and mustaches! Brawny and bearded Hank Riley generated heat of a different kind, and his expectations of his temporary landlady were far more adult….

With her brood of noisy waifs and her solution for every childish woe, Ann was the ultimate earth mother–and Hank had always run far and fast from women with long apron strings. Yet, Ann’s womanly ways soon had him craving more than just comfort from her feminine hands.

Titles originally published in 1990.

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