Bestselling Author Collection
November 28, 2017
Harlequin (Bestselling Author Collection)
ISBN-10: 133514398X
ISBN-13: 9781335143983
Available in: Paperback, e-Book (reprint)

My Dearest Cal


Marilou Stockton sees some heartbreaking things at her job as a postal worker in the dead-letter office. When a grandmother’s final plea catches her eye, one glance convinces her she has to seek out the writer’s little grandson. Even if it means tracking him all the way to Ocala, Florida, on her vacation. If she gets a taste of adventure along the way, who is she to say no?

However when she finally finds Cal Rivers, he turns out to be anything but a child! He is a man—a sexy, stubborn rancher with no intention of honorably mending his fences. As far as Marilou can tell, all of Cal’s intentions are strictly dishonorable…and aimed at her! While his anger at his grandmother might be valid, she knows there is more to life than holding grudges. There is forgiveness…and love.

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My Dearest Cal was originally published May 1, 1991 in Silhouette Special Edition #669 in mass market paperback.

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