Bestselling Author Collection
February 18, 2014
Harlequin (Bestsellers)
Available in: Paperback (reprint)

Dream Mender

Dream Mender by Sherryl Woods (originally published April 1992 in Silhouette Desire #709 and reissued October 2003 in the anthology Maybe This Time and then September 2010 in a 2-in-1 with Allison Leigh)

When a tragic accident landed Frank Chambers in the hospital, all he wanted was to be left alone. His hands were injured, his livelihood destroyed. How could he face life—or his well-meaning family—again? Then pert occupational therapist Jenny Michaels waltzed into his room prepared to bully and badger him until he was well on the road to recovery. And though Frank claimed he didn’t want her pity, he soon discovered that what he wanted more than anything was her love…

Includes bonus book: Stay… by Allison Leigh (originally published April 1998 in Silhouette Special Edition #1170)

After ten long years Jefferson Clay was back. But now he was a different man. Leaner. Mysterious. Pained. Something else had changed, too. The pint-sized tomboy who’d tagged along after him at his family’s ranch had matured into a beautiful woman…

Emily Nichols had been hopelessly in love with Jefferson ever since she could remember. And now this gorgeous, enigmatic man was sending her heart further into a tailspin, awakening her woman’s passion as no other man could. but would Emily’s love be enough to bring Jefferson’s deepest, darkest secrets into the light and convince her wounded hero to stay…with her…forever?

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