Adams Dynasty Books 9 & 10
August 25, 2020
MIRA Books
Available in: Paperback, e-Book

Wildflower Ridge

In the spring, both flowers and love are blooming…

Natural Born Lawman
(originally published December 1998 in Silhouette Special Edition #1216 in mass market paperback and May 2015 in eBook (And Baby Makes Three: The Next Generation miniseries)

Texas lawman Justin Adams has always played by the rules. Until one day the deputy catches a petty thief attempting to steal a bottle of baby medicine. The imploring eyes of desperate single mother Patsy Longhorn—not to mention those of her feverish little boy—just might make him reconsider.

After breaking off relations with her husband, Patsy Longhorn is wary of men in general, and facing police deputy Justin Adams should have had her running for cover. But somehow this man makes her wonder if maybe the time has come to stop running—if maybe Justin is what she’s been waiting her whole life to find.

The Unclaimed Baby
(originally published January 1999 in Silhouette #373 in mass market paperback (And Baby Makes Three: The Next Generation miniseries)

Sharon Adams once thought she had her whole future planned—until her dreams were snatched away and she was left running her family’s convenience store. Then on a fateful snowy night she finds two strangers at her door. The first is Cody Branson, an intriguing and irresistible man from another town. And the second is a baby, the one she’s always dreamed, and long despaired, of finding…

Loner cowboy Cord couldn’t say exactly what had brought him to Sharon’s door on that cold and snowy night. But when he sees Sharon Adams with a beautiful baby in her arms, for one wild and improbable second he dreams of having a family again. And he knows that, whatever it takes, he has to find a way to make it happen…

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