Vows #5
July 1, 2014
MIRA Books
Available in: Audio, e-Book (reprint)

A Daring Vow

Zelda Lane…her very name made the local gossips raise their eyebrows. She’d scandalized an entire town and filled upright Taylor Matthews with enough young love to burst all bounds of propriety. But that was long ago. Now a pillar of the community, Taylor privately rued the day he’d let Zelda go.

But not as much as he dreaded her return! Because Zelda was back—as beautiful and bold as ever. She was carrying a torch—as well as a grudge. And from the tips of his polished shoes to the top of his starched collar, Taylor knew he’d never quite gotten her out of his system ….

Originally published December 1993 in Silhouette Special Edition #855.

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