A Letter from Sherryl

Dear friends:

A huge thanks to all of you who’ve been embracing the new Chesapeake Shores series on Sunday nights on Hallmark Channel. I hope you’ll keep watching as this first season unfolds through mid-October and enjoy glancing at the photo album from the show on this site.

I’m especially grateful that you’ve allowed the writers to get away with making some of the changes to make the show compelling for TV. I am so grateful to producer Dan Paulson, who took the show to Hallmark, to Bill Abbott and Michele Vickery at Hallmark, and to John Tinker and Nancey Silvers for keeping this first season so true to the heart and soul of the O’Briens. I couldn’t ask for anything more!

Now, on another note, if you missed MENDING FENCES when it was first released several years ago, I hope you’ll watch for this new edition in trade paperback, due in stores at the end of September. Though I try to incorporate topics that are important to women in many of my books, the theme of this stand-alone novel is something I strongly feel that any mother of a teenaged girl should read and perhaps share with her daughter.

Too many young women are affected by date rape and all too often feel they have nowhere to turn. They fear they were somehow responsible for this act, that they didn’t say no forcefully enough. No, however, is always no. It should be respected by any responsible and loving man and those who fail to heed that simple word should be held accountable.

MENDING FENCES deals with all of that, but above all it is a story of a powerful friendship between two mothers that is tested to its limits when the son of one violates the daughter of the other. It is one of the most complex books I’ve written and one that I’m most passionate about.

And, of course, at its core there is a romance between one mother and the detective who sheds light on this dark secret and offers support to her as the family copes with the aftermath of an unspeakable crime.

As always, I hope it’s a story about a real issue that truly matters, about the importance of friendship and the power of love. And, please, if you feel its message and its timing are right, share it with the young women you love.

All best, as always,