Willow Brook Road
A Chesapeake Shores Novel #13
Mass Market Paperback
October 2015 (09-29-15)
ISBN-13: 978-0778317661
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#1 New York Times bestselling author Sherryl Woods sweeps readers away with the story of a beloved member of the O’Brien family as she claims the life she’s always dreamed of.

Spirited, spontaneous Carrie Winters has grown up under the watchful eyes of not only her grandfather Mick O’Brien, but the entire town of Chesapeake Shores.

Now that she’s home from Europe, a glamorous fashion career behind her and her heart broken, there seem to be far too many people watching to see if she’ll live up to the expectations her family has for her.

As if that weren’t enough pressure, Carrie finds herself drawn to sexy, grief-stricken Sam Winslow, who is yearning for someone to help him raise the nephew who’s unexpectedly come into his life after a tragedy.

With her own life in turmoil, is Carrie really ready to take on a new career and a new man? Or is Sam exactly what she needs to create the strong, loving family she’s always wanted?

The Calamity Janes: Lauren (reissue)
The Calamity Janes #5
Mass Market Paperback
August 2015 (07-28-15)
ISBN-13: 978-0778317883
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#1 New York Times bestselling author Sherryl Woods returns with a story of the Calamity Janes…fierce friends facing challenges in life and love

Lauren Winters has achieved fame and fortune, but all she wants when she goes home to Winding River, Wyoming, for a reunion with old friends is a break from her high-profile career. Seizing the chance to work incognito as a horse trainer for Wade Owens, she revels in the wrangler’s attention.

But how is the man who’s disdainful of the rich and powerful going to feel when he discovers she’s deceived him? Will Wade be able to see past her celebrity and believe in the woman who’s fallen in love with him?

Originally published November 2001 as Wrangling the Redhead in Silhouette Special Edition #1429.

The Calamity Janes:
Gina & Emma
(2-in-1 reissues)

The Calamity Janes #3 & 4
Mass Market Paperback
June 2015 (05-26-15)
ISBN-13: 978-0778317784
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#1 New York Times bestselling author Sherryl Woods returns with two enthralling tales of the Calamity Janes…fierce friends facing challenges in life and love

To Catch a Thief (originally published September 2001 in Silhouette Special Edition #1418)

Gina Petrillo thought she was on the run from her troubles…but they followed her home to Winding River, Wyoming. City-slicker lawyer Rafe O’Donnell is in hot pursuit of Gina, and he doesn’t intend to let his suspect out of his sight, even though Gina’s mouthwatering kisses are irresistible. And while Rafe is out to catch a thief—she just might steal his heart!

The Calamity Janes (originally published October 2001 by Silhouette Books)

Struggling with single-motherhood and career pressures, Denver attorney Emma Rogers comes home for a reunion with the Calamity Janes in desperate need of their support. Can they—and her young daughter—possibly be right that sexy journalist Ford Hamilton, the biggest thorn in her side, is actually the answer to her prayers?

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The Calamity Janes:
Cassie & Karen
(2-in-1 reissues)

The Calamity Janes #1 & 2
Mass Market Paperback
May 2015 (04-28-15)
ISBN-13: 978-0778317913
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#1 New York Times bestselling author Sherryl Woods brings readers two classic tales of the Calamity Janes…fierce friends facing challenges in life and love

Do You Take This Rebel? (originally published May 2001 in Silhouette Special Edition #1394)

Cassie Collins fled Winding River, Wyoming, when she discovered she was pregnant. Now, ten years later and stronger, she’s been drawn back to town for a reunion with her friends, the Calamity Janes. But is she strong enough to stand up to Cole Davis, the wealthy father of her child who has the power to take away her son? Or can they finally become the family she always dreamed of?

Courting the Enemy (originally published August 2001 in Silhouette Special Edition #1411)

Karen Hanson’s oldest friends, the Calamity Janes, are urging her to sell her struggling ranch to brooding, enigmatic Grady Blackhawk. But how can she possibly sell out to her late husband’s worst enemy? Spending time with her handsome adversary could cost Karen a lot more than her ranch. Grady’s suddenly far less interested in the land than he is in claiming Karen herself!

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A Slice of Heaven (reissue)
A Sweet Magnolias Novel #2
Trade Paperback
March 2015 (02-24-15)
ISBN-13: 978-0778318422
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Emotions run high when the Sweet Magnolias try to reunite a couple who was meant to be together in this classic from #1 New York Times bestselling author Sherryl Woods.

When an eating disorder threatens the life of chef Dana Sue Sullivan’s teenage daughter, she has no choice but to bring Annie’s cheating dad back to Serenity, South Carolina. She tells herself and her friends it’s all about Annie, but the sad truth is she has a boatload of unresolved feelings of her own for Ronnie Sullivan.

From the moment Ronnie hits town, there’s no question about his intentions. He’s there for his daughter, to be sure, but he wants Dana Sue back, and every move he makes is designed to prove he’s a changed man. The one thing that’s never changed, though, are the sparks that fly whenever the two of them are in the same room.

Dana Sue can deny all she wants that Ronnie’s the only man for her, but not a single person in town is buying it. No matter the circumstances, Ronnie’s return is a sweet recipe for a new beginning.

Originally published March 2007 in mass market paperback.

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Dogwood Hill
A Chesapeake Shores Novel #12
Mass Market Paperback
January 2015 (12-30-14)
ISBN-13: 978-0778317326
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#1 New York Times bestselling author Sherryl Woods tests the strength of the beloved O’Briens and proves that love and family can always triumph!

When former pro football quarterback Aidan Mitchell comes to Chesapeake Shores to take a high school coaching job, he’s embraced by the town—especially the O’Briens. But Aidan has a secret that could alter all their lives.

For wounded Liz March, who’s trying for a fresh start after a devastating betrayal, taking a chance on Aidan may be more than she can handle. Her heart, however, refuses to listen to her head. But just when forever seems within reach, Aidan’s secret threatens to change everything.

Does this tempting stranger who’s made her feel alive have the power to convince her to look beyond the past and reach for the future?

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Stealing Home (reissue)
A Sweet Magnolia Novel #1
(Reissue from 02/07)
Trade Paperback
December 2014 (11-25-14)
ISBN-13: 978-0778316282
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#1 New York Times bestselling author Sherryl Woods returns readers to her world of strong friendships and heartfelt emotions in this classic Sweet Magnolias novel.

Maddie Townsend might live in a town called Serenity but there's been nothing calm or peaceful about her life since her marriage broke up. This stay-at-home mom has no job skills, an out-of-control sixteen-year-old son, a talkative fourteen-year-old who's suddenly gone silent, a six-year-old daughter whose heart is broken, an ex-husband whose younger girlfriend is expecting their baby and two best friends who think she's somehow qualified to help them open a fitness spa for women.

But if Maddie is a tad on edge with all that on her plate, it's nothing compared to the chaos that ensues when she discovers that her son's baseball coach has feelings for her and the whole town disapproves. Maddie's faced a lot of challenges lately with strength and resolve, but Cal Maddox may turn out to be more than she can handle. Then again, he could just be the one man in all of South Carolina who can help her find serenity.

Originally published Februry 2007.

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A Seaside Christmas
A Chesapeake Shores Novel #10
First Time in Paperback
Mass Market Paperback
November 2014 (10-28-14)
ISBN-13: 978-0778316688
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#1 New York Times bestselling author Sherryl Woods takes you back to Chesapeake Shores for another heartwarming holiday season

As the only child of a single mom, Jenny Collins wanted nothing more than to be part of a large, rambunctious family like the O’Briens. Ironically, though, when her mother married into that family, Jenny found herself feeling more like an outsider than ever.

Now, after years in Nashville as an established songwriter, Jenny’s drawn back to Chesapeake Shores to collaborate on a Christmas production…and to make peace with the past. As if that’s not challenging enough, Caleb Green, the singer who broke her heart, has followed her to town, determined to win her back.

With the help of a little O’Brien holiday magic, will Jenny and Caleb find a way to make sweet music forever?

Includes bonus story: Santa, Baby (originally published November 2006 in the anthology DASHING THROUGH THE MALL for Harlequin)

When burned-out cop Nick DiAngelo is drafted into playing Santa on the busiest day of the holiday season, the last thing he needs is a missing child and a frantic mom. But in this season of miracles, this chance meeting may be the first step in healing his heart.

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The Christmas Bouquet
A Chesapeake Shores Novel #11
October 2014 (10-07-14)
ISBN-13: 978-0778316626
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When it comes to family and Christmas, #1 New York Times bestselling author Sherryl Woods always looks to the O'Briens for a little holiday magic.

For the very driven medical student Caitlyn Winters, catching the bridal bouquet at a Christmas wedding has set off a chain reaction that she's sure is more curse than blessing. Not only has she fallen in love with family medicine resident Noah McIlroy, but an unexpected pregnancy threatens her well-laid plans for the future. It doesn't help that Noah—with a whole lot of help from her O'Brien relatives—is completely on board with the prospect of marriage and happily-ever-after.

It takes a whole lot of patience, love and family persuasion to help Caitlyn realize that she can still have everything she ever wanted, including a home in her beloved Chesapeake Shores and a man who understands all of her dreams.

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Safe Harbor (reissue)
Bestselling Author Collection
(Reissue from 12/87)
Mass Market Paperback
September 2014 (08-26-14)
ISBN-13: 978-0373180844
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To Tina Harrington, the definition was simple: anyone she loved was a part of her family. Including all the people—and animals—she’d invited into her home when they’d had nowhere else to go. She was their safe harbor, and they were hers. And she would protect them from whoever challenged their right to be a family—namely her new neighbor, the handsome and high-powered Drew Landry.

Drew was determined to ensure that Tina wasn’t taking advantage of her vulnerable houseguests. But as soon as he met Tina and her unconventional family, he realized he’d made a big mistake. Because he was drawn to her like a ship to a sheltered shore. And he’d set in motion a series of events that could destroy everything she held dear....

Safe Harbor originally published December 1987 in Sihouette Special Edition #425.

Includes bonus book, A Cold Creek Homecoming by Raeanne Thayne, which was originally published September 2009 in Silhouette Special Edition #1996

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Swan Point
A Sweet Magnolia Novel #11
Trade Paperback
August 2014 (07-29-14)
ISBN-13: 978-0778316428
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#1 New York Times bestselling author Sherryl Woods draws readers back into the world of strong friendships and heartfelt emotions in Serenity, South Carolina.

Determined to build a new life for her family after her divorce, Adelia Hernandez has bought a home in the historic Swan Point neighborhood of Serenity. Promoted to manager of Main Street’s most fashionable boutique, she feels revitalized and ready for a fresh start as a single mom. But barely into this new independent phase, she crosses paths with the sexiest man to hit Serenity in years.

Gabe Franklin, back in town to make amends for past mistakes, has no intention of settling down, but Adelia’s proving irresistible. Cheered on by their friends, “the Sweet Magnolias,” Gabe is bringing long-absent passion and laughter into Adelia’s life. To his surprise—and hers—sometimes a rolling stone is just what it takes to build the rock-solid foundation of a family.

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A Vow to Love (reissue)
A Vows Novel #6
(Reissue from 05/94)
July 2014 (07-01-14)
ISBN-13: 978-1460317730
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The first time Penny Hayden and Sam Roberts met as teenagers, she stormed off in an outraged huff. The second time, nine years later, she hauled off and kicked him in the shin! It was then that Penny’s grandfather knew they were a match made in heaven....

Oh, sure, Penny said that Sam was an insensitive jerk. And Sam insisted that he didn’t need anyone in his perfectly solitary life. But her grandfather could read between the denials. And even if it was the last thing he accomplished, he vowed they would fall in love!

Originally published May 1994 in Sihouette Special Edition #885.

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A Daring Vow (reissue)
A Vows Novel #5
(Reissue from 12/93)
July 2014 (01-15-14)
ISBN-13: 978-460340097
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Zelda Lane...her very name made the local gossips raise their eyebrows. She'd scandalized an entire town and filled upright Taylor Matthews with enough young love to burst all bounds of propriety. But that was long ago. Now a pillar of the community, Taylor privately rued the day he'd let Zelda go.

But not as much as he dreaded her return! Because Zelda was back--as beautiful and bold as ever. She was carrying a torch--as well as a grudge. And from the tips of his polished shoes to the top of his starched collar, Taylor knew he'd never quite gotten her out of his system ....

Originally published December 1993 in Sihouette Special Edition #855.

Kate’s Vow (reissue)
A Vows Novel #4
(Reissue from 07/93)
July 2014 (07-01-14)
ISBN-13: 978-1460340080
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Overwhelmed by single fatherhood, widower David Winthrop feared he was failing his savvy, sad-eyed, ten-year-old son. Still, he never expected hotshot divorce attorney Kate Newton to descend upon him like some avenging angel, bristling with maternal indignation on behalf of Davey junior, her pint-size “client.”

Worse, David found himself itching to peel away Kate’s power pinstripes .... But could this tough lady lawyer, so adept at wrenching marriages asunder, prove woman enough to make David’s tattered family whole?

THAT SPECIAL WOMAN! She’s friend, wife, mother—she’s you! And beside each Special Woman stands a wonderfully special man.

Originally published July 1993 in Sihouette Special Edition #823.

The Devaney Brothers: Daniel
Reissue from 08/03
Mass Market Paperback
June 2014 (05-27-14)
ISBN-13: 978-0778316794
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#1 New York Times bestselling author Sherryl Woods brings readers the final chapter of the classic tales of the Devaneys...brothers torn apart in childhood, reunited by love.

When a runaway teen surfaces at Molly Creighton’s tavern, Daniel Devaney’s job as a child advocate forces him to investigate...and to confront his tumultuous past with Molly. Though a tragic loss shattered their relationship four years ago, Daniel is now ready to accept responsibility for their breakup and make a fresh start.

Their overwhelming attraction is undulled by time, but Molly fears risking her heart again. Daniel vows to banish the shadows from her eyes and prove he is the man she needs him to be. And with his brothers and parents at last reconciled, Daniel’s deepest longing—for family—is almost fulfilled....

Originally published August 2003 as Daniel’s Desire in Silhouette Special Edition #1555.

The Devaney Brothers: Michael & Patrick
2-in-1 reissue from 01/03 & 07/03
Mass Market Paperback
May 2014 (04-29-14)
ISBN-13: 978-0778316305
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#1 New York Times bestselling author Sherryl Woods brings readers two classic tales of the Devaneys...brothers torn apart in childhood, reunited by love.

Michael’s Discovery (originally published January 2003 in Silhouette Special Edition #15135)

For years, Kelly Andrews has waited for her big brother’s best friend to notice her. As the physical therapist assigned to his recovery, she’s finally getting the chance. But navy SEAL Michael Devaney is broken in body and spirit, and all he sees is himself—as half a man. He’s sure he’ll never be enough for the beautiful and vibrant Kelly. Can Kelly convince him that he’s all the man she would ever need?

Patrick’s Destiny (originally published July 2003 in Silhouette Special Edition #1549)

Devastated by the discovery of a terrible family secret, Patrick Devaney has shut out the world. But enchanting kindergarten teacher Alice Newberry sees the hurt in his eyes and is determined to help Patrick find peace. She knows it will take a lesson in love and forgiveness to coax the brooding fisherman out of hiding. Soon, Patrick begins to hope, but before he can truly claim Alice as his own, he has to face the greatest challenge of his life—his past.

The Devaney Brothers: Ryan & Sean
2-in-1 reissues from 09/02 & 10/02
Mass Market Paperback
April 2014 (03-25-14)
ISBN-13: 9780778316077
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#1 New York Times bestselling author Sherryl Woods brings readers two classic tales of the Devaneys...brothers torn apart in childhood, reunited by love

Ryan’s Place (originally published September 2002 in Silhouette Special Edition #1489)

Abandoned by his parents and separated from his brothers, Ryan Devaney doesn’t believe in love. Until Maggie O’Brien storms into his Irish pub and her bright smile and tender touch have him reconsidering. The beautiful redhead warms his frozen spirit and awakens forgotten dreams—like the desire to search for his long-lost brothers. Will he dare to believe there’s a place for them in happily-ever-after?

Sean’s Reckoning (originally published October 2002 in Silhouette Special Edition #1495)

Son of a shattered family, fireman Sean Devaney knows love never lasts, so he refuses to chance it. Then he meets single mom Deanna Blackwell, who has just lost everything in a devastating fire. Despite the warning in Sean’s head, he’s drawn to protect the stunning woman and her son. Sean may be tough enough to storm burning buildings...but is he brave enough to risk building a family of his own?

Dream Mender (reisue)
Reissue from 04/92
Mass Market Paperback
March 2014 (02-18-14)
ISBN-13: 978-0373605989
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Dream Mender by Sherryl Woods (originally published April 1992 in Silhouette Desire #709)

When a tragic accident landed Frank Chambers in the hospital, all he wanted was to be left alone. His hands were injured, his livelihood destroyed. How could he face life—or his well-meaning family—again? Then pert occupational therapist Jenny Michaels waltzed into his room prepared to bully and badger him until he was well on the road to recovery. And though Frank claimed he didn’t want her pity, he soon discovered that what he wanted more than anything was her love...

Includes bonus book: Stay... by Allison Leigh (originally published April 1998 in Silhouette Special Edition #1170)

After ten long years Jefferson Clay was back. But now he was a different man. Leaner. Mysterious. Pained. Something else had changed, too. The pint-sized tomboy who’d tagged along after him at his family’s ranch had matured into a beautiful woman...

Emily Nichols had been hopelessly in love with Jefferson ever since she could remember. And now this gorgeous, enigmatic man was sending her heart further into a tailspin, awakening her woman’s passion as no other man could. but would Emily’s love be enough to bring Jefferson’s deepest, darkest secrets into the light and convince her wounded hero to stay...with her...forever?

Home to Seaview Key
A Seaview Key Novel #2
Mass Market Paperback
February 2014 (01-28-14)
ISBN-13: 978-0778315896
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New York Times bestselling author Sherryl Woods reveals that the most delightful surprises may await right in your own backyard!

Falling for a handsome stranger on the very morning they meet is hardly what recently divorced Abby Miller planned for her return to Seaview Key. Hoping to mend an old friendship and to give back to the community she loves, Abby’s definitely not looking for love.

For ex-soldier Seth Landry, Seaview Key seems like the perfect place to heal a broken heart...eventually. And when he rescues a beautiful woman on the beach, his nightmares about the past are eclipsed by daydreams about the future.

Neither Abby nor Seth is looking for forever, but powerful love has its own timetable. And taking a chance on the future will test their courage in ways neither of them could possibly have anticipated.

Seaview Inn (reissue)
A Seaview Key Novel #1
Mass Market Paperback
January 2014
ISBN-13: 978-0778315810
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New York Times bestselling author Sherryl Woods proves home can be found where you least expect it.

Hannah Matthews is undeniably tough—a single mom, a top-tier PR exec, a breast cancer survivor. She prides herself on being go-to Hannah, who can handle any crisis. But with her grandmother balking at going into a retirement home, her daughter unexpectedly pregnant and an old flame suddenly underfoot, Hannah is facing a few crises of her own. And being back home on Seaview Key is definitely adding to the stress.

Luke Stevens understands crisis. While serving in Iraq, his wife dumped him for his best friend—with whom Luke shares his medical practice. Seaview Key seems like the perfect place to hide out for a while. The last thing he expects is to fall in love...with his old hometown and with Hannah.

Sometimes, though, the unexpected is just what it takes to heal the heart.

Originally published March 2008 and reissued February 2010..

Cherish (reissue)
A Vows Novel #3
(Reissue from 12/92)
Januaruy 2014 (01-15-14)
ISBN-13: 978-1460317778
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In a long, splendid life rich with struggles and satisfaction, above all Brandon Halloran treasured family. So the proud patriarch had meddled shamelessly in his darling brood’s love lives...until finally the tables had turned!

For the merry widower harbored a secret from his nearest and dearest: cherished memories of sparkling, scandalous Elizabeth Forsythe, who’d once put wings to his flyboy’s heart, only to vanish when he’d soared home from the war. And with Lizzy at long last on his horizon again, the one thing that could prevent his long-overdue second chance at happiness was...family!

Vows: Love, Honor and Cherish—words that three generations of Halloran men vowed to live by.

Originally published December 1992 in Silhouette Special Edition #781.

Honor (reissue)
A Vows Novel #2
(Reissue from 11/92)
Januaruy 2014 (01-15-14)
ISBN-13: 978-1460317747
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Kevin Halloran had defied his lofty family tradition in order to wed lower-class Lacey Granger—and he’d been a better man for it. Surely, then, there was no dragon he couldn’t slay to honor and protect his beloved bride.

Yet time and tide proved unstoppable...and youthful passion was eclipsed by doubt. Worse, white knight Kevin took a near-mortal blow. Would Lacey be able to slay the dragon of time so that this fallen knight would rise again?

Vows: Love, Honor and Cherish—words that three generations of Halloran men vowed to live by.

Originally published November 1992 in Silhouette Special Edition #775.

Love (reissue)
A Vows Novel #1
(Reissue from 10/92)
Januaruy 2014 (01-15-14)
ISBN-13: 978-1460317730
Order from:
Was it her biker boots, her belligerent blue jeans...or her mean left hook? Jason Halloran never knew what hit him. But just as his perfectly predictable life seemed to be going nowhere, sassy, street- smart Dana Roberts began driving him up a wall!

Dana Roberts had been on her own since age sixteen, and she intended to keep it that way. The last thing she wanted was some sexy, rich corporate VP playing Prince Charming and making her his helpless Cinderella. But what would she do if the shoe fit?

Vows: Love, Honor and Cherish—words that three generations of Halloran men vowed to live by.

Originally published October 1992 in Silhouette Special Edition #769.